The problem :

A French challenger in the healthcare industry, an Entreprise de Taille Intermédiaire (ETI) with sales of 200 million euros, faced a major strategic challenge. Wishing to promote its international expansion and optimize lead identification and conversion, the company needed to replace an old-fashioned customer management system with a more robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system tailored to its specific needs. The transition to a modern CRM, including a marketing automation module, was essential to remain competitive in a constantly evolving business environment.


The JUSTE answer :

Faced with this challenge, JUSTE played a crucial role in identifying an expert with dual skills, both in the field of CRM with a specialization in marketing automation, and an in-depth understanding of the B2B healthcare industry. This expert’s mission was carried out in two distinct phases. Firstly, he led the process of selecting the best CRM solution, taking into account the company’s specific needs and the requirements of the healthcare sector. In the second phase, the expert initiated the roll-out of the new system, working closely with all the internal teams involved to ensure a smooth transition and effective adoption of the new CRM.


Results & benefits :

This collaboration with JUSTE lasted 8 months, during which the expert played an essential catalytic role. By integrating this expert on an ad hoc basis, the company was able to rapidly translate its strategic decision into an operational reality. The deployment of the new CRM system was carried out efficiently, avoiding the common pitfalls associated with such changes. The expert facilitated the transition by working hand-in-hand with the internal teams, thus promoting the adoption of CRM within the company.

The introduction of the CRM system also catalyzed significant changes in internal sales and marketing habits. Process automation optimized operational efficiency, accelerating lead identification and conversion. In conclusion, JUSTE’s intervention demonstrated how the strategic integration of an expert can rapidly concretize major decisions, favor adaptation to market evolutions and maximize growth opportunities in a competitive international context.