The problem:

The new CEO of a mid-sized company (Entreprise de Taille Intermédiaire – ETI) wanted to breathe new life into his fledgling brand and assert its leadership in a highly competitive, fast-changing sector. The 8-strong communications team was in urgent need of clear objectives and a more efficient structure to meet the CEO’s expectations.

The RIGHT answer:

To meet this challenge, JUSTE is proposing a strategic solution by putting forward a talent specialized in the field of brands. This professional, with significant agency experience and 10 years as head of communications for a leader in new technologies, will provide in-depth expertise. Over the course of a mission lasting several months, he will undertake an in-depth diagnosis of the brand, as well as auditing existing agency contracts. At the same time, he will reorganize the work of the communications team to align resources with the CEO’s objectives.

This targeted intervention will provide the communications team with the strategic direction needed to respond quickly and effectively to the CEO’s expectations. The combination of varied expertise and in-depth experience in the new technologies sector positions this talent as the ideal catalyst to give a significant boost to the ETI brand and reinforce its leadership in a constantly evolving competitive environment.