The problem :

In the ever-changing world of the cosmetic beauty products industry, keeping abreast of consumer trends becomes imperative to maintain product relevance in the marketplace. The CEO of an international mid-sized beauty products group was faced with a major challenge: he wanted to conduct a global study to decipher these trends, but his in-house research team was overwhelmed by daily emergencies. The global study, crucial for guiding marketing and innovation strategies, was constantly being postponed, leaving the company in a delicate position in the face of a rapidly evolving market.


The JUSTE answer :

JUSTE identified a research expert, specializing in the beauty and cosmetics market, to collaborate with in-house teams and act as a privileged interlocutor for research and trend companies. The aim was to catalyze the start of the global study, overcoming bandwidth challenges and freeing up time for the in-house team. The four-month assignment focused on close collaboration, enabling the research expert to guide the process while providing in-depth information and analysis.


Results & benefits :

The results of this collaboration were significant. Thanks to the external expertise, the overall study was able to progress without hampering the day-to-day productivity of the in-house team. Intermediate steering meetings were actively participative, with the CEO demonstrating his support without adding extra pressure. The assignment resulted in a comprehensive study of consumer trends in the cosmetic beauty sector, providing the company with crucial insights and inspiration for defining innovative strategies. The benefits translated into the realization of the CEO’s vision without sacrificing day-to-day efficiency, strengthening the company’s competitive position in the global marketplace. In short, this collaboration with JUSTE illustrated the effectiveness of a strategic approach based on external expertise, showing how seamlessly integrating external resources can lead to concrete and sustainable results.