The problem :

An international French fashion brand, despite its strong commitment to sustainability and ethics, was facing low awareness of its sustainability program and ethical commitments. Aware of the need to accelerate the deployment of its “second-hand” offer, and to make this commitment a visible and attractive feature for its customers, the company needed a strategic approach to effectively position this initiative in the market.


The JUSTE answer:

With this in mind, JUSTE played a key role in identifying an expert with triple expertise: fashion, second-hand and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The expert’s mission was to lead the definition of a new business model, translate this vision into concrete operational principles, and initiate implementation in collaboration with the company’s various stakeholders. The assignment lasted 6 months.


Results & benefits :

The project, accelerated and formalized thanks to external expertise, was successfully presented and sold to the brand’s CEO. The collaborative process made it possible to integrate all relevant insights upstream, whether from customers, the market or internal teams. This participative approach not only strengthened the legitimacy of the project, but also enabled the effective deployment of a new operating model.

The implementation of the new business model benefited from strategic vision, sector expertise and a deep understanding of sustainability issues. As a result, the brand was able to transform its “second-hand” offering into a visible and desirable commitment for its customers, strengthening its positioning in the fashion sector while meeting growing expectations in terms of sustainability and ethics. This experience illustrated how carefully targeted external expertise can be the catalyst needed to transform commitments into tangible, differentiated actions in the marketplace.