The problem:

Two online sales sites, based in London and Milan, recently merged to become a major player in the European market. This merger created an urgent need to develop a unified identity and voice, as well as the creation of a new brand, in order to present a coherent image to investors, employees and customers.

The RIGHT solution:

Faced with this pressing problem, JUSTE will propose a strategic solution by putting in place a Communications Director with particular expertise in the fashion sector. This professional will work nimbly between the London and Milan offices, investing six months to organize internal teams and develop a common communications plan.

Acting as a single point of contact for the CEO, the Communications Director will play a central role in establishing a unified identity and voice for the merged company. In addition, he will be responsible for leading the recruitment process to ensure continuity of communication after the conclusion of his assignment. This integrated approach will ensure a smooth transition, creating a solid foundation for the company’s continued success in the European market.