JUSTE provides transition management solutions
dedicated to communication, marketing, digital & CSR
needs of business in support of their growth and transformation.

At JUSTE, we bring a brand new approach that combines the agility needed in today’s world with the availability of fresh-thinking experienced professionals, to deliver rapid impact within your teams.

Our approach is based on our expertise and experience in communication and marketing, our ability to understand the needs and challenges for your business. We help make the right diagnosis and to then identify the best professionals ready to hit the ground running.

We intervene with traditional interim management solutions, or to reinforce and support existing teams.

Experience and
convictions put to the service of
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Louise Beveridge

With a long & varied international experience, Louise has recognized expertise in the communication of companies and their senior management.. She has contributed directly, as a member of Executive Committees, to the strategy and management of large groups, both fully listed or family owned, often in contexts of significant transformation (Societe Generale, BNP Paribas, PPR / Kering). She chairs the Executive Master in communication at Sciences Po (Paris), as well as teaching communication strategy to university master graduates. An independent board director (certified by INSEAD), she is interested & contributes to the wider corporate governance debate. She has been a transition manager within several companies.

Do what we say,
and say what we do…
Benoit Cornu

Benoît Cornu combines operational experience in marketing and distribution with a recognized career in communication and brand transformation, but also in CSR and public affairs within the Casino group, PMU and Elior Group in particular. Beyond his role as an executive committee member, he is involved in the promotion of trade and communication professions by exercising directorships within professional institutions and organizations: SIAL (Salon International de l 'Food), IFM (French Institute of Merchandising), ARPP (Advertising regulatory authority), Companies & Media.

Reputation, brand strategy, social responsibility, employee engagement are all strategic issues; the communication professions organizes & structures the answers to these challenges.

Communication can be critical in times of transition and when companies of all sizes undergo change. Access to communication and marketing professionals has traditionally been organized in two ways: you either hire a professional or an agency.

With JUSTE, we offer a third way that combines the agility needed by companies with the availability of experienced professionals able to deliver a direct and tangible impact within your business & teams.

We provide interim solutions, to quickly mitigate the absence of a key manager. We can also strengthen and bring support to existing teams. Our managers and specialists have experience in critical situations as well as team management & oversight, piloting complex projects or coaching leaders. We cover all areas related to corporate, operational or financial communication, as well as marketing, digital, CSR.


The question: The founder of an SME in the world of technology has just ceded his business to the next generation. The new CEO wishes to give a fresh impetus to the brand in this rapidly moving sector, and to enhance its leadership. The communication team in place (8 people) is in need of redefined objectives and structuring.

The solution JUSTE: Sébastien R., who combines agency experience with 10 years of communications management at an American leader in new technologies, is able to meet the CEO's expectations as soon as he steps into the role. He undertakes a diagnosis of the brand, ensuring the media coverage of the new EXCOM and its CEO, auditing the contracts of the consulting agencies, and repriortizes the work of the communications team. This mission lasts 10 months, until the arrival of a new communications director, whom Sébastien helped select.

Value add: Sébastien's external vision and agility allow him to bring effective solutions to the CEO in the articulation of this new project, with immediate impact. In 12 days, between the brief and the Juste solution, the CEO benefited from the effective and reassuring presence of Sébastien who could rely on the already committed communications team.


The question: a start-up has raised 1.5 million euros within its first 2 years.
A second fundraising of 11.5 million euros is needed to support growth and take it to the next level ... Managers, focused on the technological and commercial development of their project, realize the importance of their reputation and the value of brand image in this context but lack the time, the networks or the expertise to execute it.

The question:

The solution JUSTE: with the support of an experienced communicator, Elodie C., former Director of Communications in the IT world, the 2 co-founders were able to build a real story with regards to their approach, their product and the keys to the success. For 4 months, Elodie worked alongside them full-time to identify their uniqueness, key messages, targets, and to set up a media relations and influence program, increasing the visibility of the start-up, its founders and prepare the ground for fundraising.

The solution JUSTE:

Value add : A high degree of expertise, brought by Juste, that the start-up could not "afford" via recruitment meant from day one the project was operational in an emergency situation with high financial stakes. Selected from amongst the talents of Juste and chosen in just 10 days by the start-up team, Elodie embraced this short-term, well defined challenge wholeheartedly.

Value add:


The question: the communications director of a group needs to transform the operating model of its organization to adapt to the new challenges created by the digital revolution that touch how content is created and shared, as well as relations with internal and external partners, international synergies and talent management.

The solution JUSTE: Christian L. a former senior communications director defined and implemented alongside the communications director a transformation plan which he piloted on a daily basis in collaboration with the teams and business units, allowing his client to focus on the strategic priorities and the new expectations of its CEO. Within the agreed time frame, the transformation was carried out with teams at the local and divisional headquarters, facilitating the buy-in of key stakeholders.

Value add: Christian’s expertise and breadth of experiences allowed him to build with the communications director several organizational models and select the most suitable. The communications director remained focused on his operational goals, aligned to the strategy of the CEO.


The question: A real estate company is about to celebrate its 50th anniversary. A perfect opportunity to talk to its clients and the media about the company, its history, its journey, its projects and partners,... Beyond the festive communication to external audiences, the company wants the 50th year to be that of an innovative, collective, and engaging project for the whole company, employees and stakeholders. But how do you create and pilot this with a small communications team that is already overstretched?

La question:

The solution JUSTE: Chloé T. has 15 years of experience in event organization; previously heading the events department of a major cosmetics company, and then a fashion brand. She supervised the overall design of the project, from the initial creative idea to its implementation with various internal and external audiences, including management to make "50 years" a strategic growth project within the company. Chloé worked 8 months part-time, as part of the communications team, in direct liaison with General Management, and in close collaboration with the commercial and HR management teams.

The solution JUSTE:

Value add: an additional resource with specific expertise for an overstretched team. The project benefited from the candidate’s in-house immersion in order to best understand the company culture. For 6 months, Chloé was a fully on-boarded member of the team, "Madame 50 ans”, who become a touch point and the incarnation of this project for various actors across the company.

Value add:


The question: Two major online fashion retailers based in London and Milan have merged, creating Europe’s market leader. It was imperative to create a common identity and voice, quickly, as well as a new brand for investors, employees, the fashion brands and their customers. There were several communications agencies, no communications managers, and uncoordinated internal teams in the various markets.

The solution JUSTE: Yvan R. a senior communications director, with experience in the fashion sector, spent 6 months between London and Milan providing leadership and organizing the various internal teams, redefining roles and responsibilities, defining a communications plan and process, as well as streamlining agency contracts. Yvan was also the point of contact for the CEO and the management team during the recruitment of the future communications director.

Value add: a high-level professional was immediately operational to stabilize and reassure both teams and external parties (suppliers, agencies, etc.), with a unified brand message. As an experienced manager, he was capable of reorganizing human resources, identifying talents and coordinating teams from different backgrounds, as well as providing a valuable contact for the CEO, the management team and the shareholders, who were focused on the operational and financial aspects of the merger.


The question: a company in the mining sector undergoing industrial restructuring has recruited an internal communications manager. However, the unexpected departure of the communications director meant they were quickly promoted to the vacant, more senior role, with the additional scope of brand management, media relations and marketing & communications worldwide.

The question:

The solution JUSTE: in coordination with the CEO, Bertrand L, a former director of communications for international industrial companies, accompanied the new communications director as he stepped into his redfined role. Present for 2 days a week, for 3 months, he helped rethink the organization in the face of new challenges, and reestablish priorities in the context of the modified scope.

The solution JUSTE:

Value add: a coaching and mentoring process, enriched with experience, to stabilize the ascension of a high potential recruit at a critical time. The communications director is now fully established and his decisive contribution has successfully supported the company’s transition.

Value add:

Our client assignments owe their success to a process that combines a clear diagnosis of your needs & objectives, with the manager best adapted to the task as well as your company & team culture.

The importance of the initial diagnosis of the issues & objectives is the essential starting point, we then identify the manager or expert with the best aligned skills & experience. Personality & cultural fit are also a consideration.

The diagnosis and fixing of the objectives is done with precision with our clients in order to clearly define the contents of the management transition role & mission.

We then. identify the profiles that match from the experienced managers who work with JUSTE - after checking their availability, we offer all our clients at least two profiles.

JUSTE then ensures the supervision and support to both the manager & client during the mission, helping to adjust objectives if necessary and lift any road blocks.


Our managers have
unique expertise &

For the managers that work with JUSTE, they have all been identified and met by us.

Their expertise is clearly detailed upstream of any missions, we also take time to understand their management and sectorial experience. It means that they are all able to quickly understand the business issues and dynamics in order to deliver solutions in a neutral and independent manner.

When mandated for a project, we share with them the diagnosis and framing of the objectives. We also guarantee their availability. We provide support to them during the set up of the mission, and accompany their integration within the company.

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